We’ve assembled a world renown team of sports investment advisors to give you the highest quality advice each day. We provide you with a service that is typically only available to celebrities, high-profile professional athletes, and high net worth business professionals. Whether you bet $10 or $10,000, this is for you. We help you grow your sports investment account with our 30-day investment strategy.


GROW your sports investment
account with our EXCLUSIVE
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Each member is assigned a
investment consultant.

Sports Investment Advisors

We are a leading Sports Investment Consulting firm. We provide professional sports investment advice to a wide range of clients. We follow a 30-day investment strategy and help our clients follow a money management system.
We are pleased to announce the addition of UFC Fighter, Ryan ‘Babyface’ Benoit, to our Sports Investment Executive Team! Purchase a membership with promotion code BENOIT and receive an autographed photo of Ryan Benoit!

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Consulting Services

NBA commissioner Adam Silver believes expanded legalized sports betting in the United States is “inevitable,” and the league is open to participating in it. As Sports Betting Laws and regulations move toward change significant change in many states. BK Consulting Services is uniquely positioned. We’re a team of world-renowned experts in the field of Sports Books, structure, strategy and design. We are ready and prepared to partner with you.

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How following a 30-day
investment strategy will grow your
sports investment account.



Kings Club Investment Plays
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Congratulations Kings Club Members! We are up +9.5 units in February!
Check out our latest Financial Statement from JANUARY here.

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Periodically Betting Kings offers free advice to give you an inside look at what the Kings Club offers. While our free advice is typically the lowest-rated plays that just missed out on the membership cards, that doesn’t mean we aren’t confident about it. We recommend investing 1% of your investment account on a free investment play.

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Our strategy is simple. We provide our customers with a 30-day investment strategy. We do not sell “picks” or “locks of the day”. We do not offer our advice by the day or play. We do not rate our investment plays. If it is not the highest rated play, we do not advise investing in it.

Our price is simple. Our members join for $99 every 30 days. Period. Whether we recommend investing in one play each day or three plays, our price is the same.

Our Sports Investment Consultants are certified and professional. Each member is assigned a Sports Investment Consultant who gets to know you and your goals. They answer your questions. They explain sports investing.

We deliver results to our members. Over the last four months, our clients have won +45 units by following our investment advice and money management system.

In October, our clients grew their investment accounts by +13 units. In November, our clients grew their investment accounts by +19 units. In December, our clients grew their investment accounts by +10 units. And, in January, our clients grew their investment accounts by +3 units.

That means, if you started on October 1 with $2,000 in your investment account (one unit = 5% = $100), and followed our investment plays and money management strategy, your account would be $6,533 on January 31 – an increase of $4,533 and a return on investment (ROI) of 11%.

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Congratulations Kings Club Members! We went 1-0 (100%) on Monday and are up +10 units in February! ... ... ... Here are this week's investment plays: Monday, February 19 ... NHL ...Minnesota Wild (Moneyline) - WIN!!! ... ... ... Over the last four months, our clients have earned +45 units! In January, our Kings Club members won +3 units, in December, we won +10 units, in November, we won 19 units, in October, we won 13 units ... ... ... ... Join today to start growing your sports investment account... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


We have a long history, with many years of experience. Over the years, we have built relationships with professional sports investors who research and analyze data each day to determine the best investments across all sports. Our professional sports investors have a combined 50 years of experience in the industry and are comprised of former lines makers, offshore sportsbook contacts and traditional financial investment professionals.


15+ years of
experience in the
financial services
sector – including
working on
Wall Street.
Our professional sports investors
have a combined 50 years of
experience comprised of former
lines makers, offshore sports book
contacts and traditional financial
investment professionals.
More than a
decade of consulting
experience with
the largest
professional services


We have a global team of certified, professional sports investment consultants who support our members every day – answering their questions, explaining sports investing – to help members grow their sports investment accounts.

Sports Investment Advisors

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