Peanuts x Sk8-Hi Reissue ‘Joe Cool’ Vans

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Peanuts x Sk8-Hi Reissue ‘Joe Cool’ Vans – Size 13. Brand new in original packaging.

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As a member of the Betting Kings Collectibles Club, you benefit from Betting Kings exclusive offers. Betting Kings believes is a diversified Sports Investment Portfolio. Betting Kings Collectibles recommends this collectible to add to your current Sports Investment Portfolio.

Peanuts x Sk8-Hi Reissue ‘Joe Cool’. These are brand new in original box and packaging. Release date of 2017-06-02. They are size 13. Designer is PAUL VAN DOREN. STYLE VN0A2XSBOQU. Original retail price is $75.

Last sale on StockX was $150 on Saturday, March 9, 2019.

This is unconditionally guaranteed to be 100% authentic by BK Sports Investment Advisors Collectibles.

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