Betting Kings


Betting Kings® is a leader in non-traditional investing. Betting Kings leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and unique data to identify profitable alternative liquid assets to invest in. We provide members with non-traditional investment advice on classic and luxury cars, sports memorabilia, wine, whiskey, art, sports games, and more. Betting Kings delivers a comprehensive approach to investing in non-traditional liquid assets and provide members with an INTELLIGENT, RESPONSIBLE, DISCIPLINED and DIVERSIFIED Investment Strategy.

We invite members and guests to visit a sample of BK Collectibles that we have uncovered as profitable additions to your alternative asset investment portfolio.

  • Betting Kings teaches a responsible, intelligent, disciplined 30-day investment strategy with a specific money management system
  • Betting Kings leverages technologies that include, but are not limited to, artificial intelligence (AI) to generate sports investment decisions across all sports
  • All sports investment decisions are sent directly to your phone via Betting Kings iOS and Android apps
  • State of the art technology that offers “in-game”, “real-time” sports investment advice